Quote van de dag

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“My point in this is that up till now companies’ marketing activities in the digital sphere has been the “universal” approach. Where we view the website as a library filled with information rather than a utility to help people do stuff. This especially forces the design to solve the wrong problem (findability not utility), and puts the focus on availability not activity.”

Ofwel, het gaat er niet om wat je biedt, het gaat erom wat je klant er mee kan. Maak geen magazijn vol boormachines als iemand slechts snel een gat in de muur wilt.

Helge Tennø

Crispin over Crisis

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Steven Erich – van Crispin, Porter & Bogusky – over marketing tijdens crisistijd:

‘Zet in op een aantal kleinere ideeën, in plaats van je te richten op 1 groot en duur idee. Want succes is willekeurig. Zo verlaag je de druk, de kosten en verklein je het risico dat het misgaat.’

Bron: Molblog

Zie ook deze quote van Russell Davies van een tijdje geleden.

(Tyranny of Big Ideas)

1. Starting doing stuff. Start executing things which seem right. Do it quickly and do it often. Don’t cling onto anything, good or bad. Don’t repeat much. Take what was good and do it differently.

2. Look for the patterns that emerge. Look for the phrases that people use to describe what you/they are doing. Collect the things that seem to work as summaries. Notice them, put them in a drawer, don’t turn them into CI guidelines.

3. Try not to write too much down. Manage the brand through conversation and impressionistic media – videos, stories, images, heroes. Not through mandates, best practise or benchmarking.

4. Don’t be media neutral. Favour the things that are rich with experience and texture – events, retail, social media, film. And relegate the things that are thin and specific. Because the rich stuff is more likely to help you move forward.

5. And something else and something else.