Heel veel interessante quotes (over marktonderzoek)

“Don’t take a designer and tell them to build a bridge. Bring them to the canyon and see what they come up with.” (Claudia Kotcha)

Deze heel veel andere interessante quotes vind je in de presentatie ‘WE NEED CHANGE: A loosely structured collection of quotes and references regarding the (mediocre) but promising state of market research’ van Helge Tenno.

Hier vind je de presentatie op SlideShare.

Bron: ‘Cross The Breeze

Quote van de dag

Seth Godin is goed in de oneliners, dus weer een mooie quote van zijn blog:

“When there is both pain and pleasure associated with your service, work extremely hard to separate them by time and geography.

Disney charges a fortune for the theme park, but they do it a week before you get there, or at a booth far far away from the rides. By the time you get to the rides, you’re over it. The pain isn’t associated with the fun part.”


Quote van de dag

Consider Wilfred Mworia, a 22-year-old engineering student and freelance code writer in Nairobi, Kenya…the iPhone doesn’t work in Nairobi, and Mr. Mworia doesn’t even own one. He wrote his program on an iPhone simulator… “Even if I don’t have an iPhone,” Mr. Mworia says defiantly, “I can still have a world market for my work”.

Bron: HarvardBusiness