The Economist over Ambush Marketing

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Mijn favoriete tijdschrift The Economist heeft deze week een artikeltje over Ambush Marketing.

“Rival brands, as well as athletes, compete at sporting events

TAKING your hat off at the door may seem like a throwback to a more genteel age. But the practice lives on at modern sporting events. Dutch buyers of Heineken beer were given green hats to wear to the recent Euro 2008 football tournament. Anyone who tried to enter a stadium wearing one, however, as many fans did in 2004, was asked to remove it. The hats were an “ambush marketing” campaign, in which companies try to promote their brands at sporting events without paying sponsorship fees. Heineken’s rival, Carlsberg, was an official sponsor of Euro 2008, paying $21m for the privilege. A few TV close-ups of fans wearing Heineken hats would have cost very little by comparison. This was just one of 18 examples of ambush marketing at Euro 2008 identified by researchers at Coventry University Business School.”

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