Een gesprek over mond-tot-mond-marketing

Innovatiegoeroe Guy Kawasaki interviewt Dave Balter over mond-tot-mond-reclame. Balter is de oprichter van BzzAgent, een bedrijf dat 450.000 consumenten in haar netwerk heeft en deze laat praten over merken. Hij is ook medeoprichter van The Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Zijn boek over dit onderwerp kun je hier gratis downloaden.

“1. Question: How often do companies successfully engineer word-of-mouth marketing?

Answer: The phrasing, “engineer word-of-mouth” is very interesting. Inasmuch as it suggests “force” or “manipulate,” I’d say that no company has ever successfully engineered word of mouth. However, for those companies that guide or inspire word of mouth by empowering consumers, respecting their opinions, thanking them for sharing their input, and making changes based on consumer counsel … in those cases, word of mouth marketing is successful all the time, every day.

2. Question: Can a large company do it – or is word-of-mouth marketing only for small companies?

Answer: Word of mouth happens for companies of all sizes. The iPod and the iPhone were massive word-of-mouth phenomena. So was the Swiffer. Smaller companies, like Webkinz, may need to rely on word of mouth more due to smaller marketing budgets, but the impact is equally valuable.”