Must read: Roger McNamee over digitale trends

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Roger McNamee is rockmuzikant, investeerder in Facebook en MD van Elevation Partners. Een man met verstand van zaken. En een interessante visie.

Het artikel Why Social Is Over beschrijft een aantal van zijn stellingen. Het is bijzonder de moeite waard om te lezen, want McNamee heeft verfrissende blik op digitale ontwikkelingen.

Een aantal van zijn stellingen is interessant in het kader van de brand-utility. Vandaar dat ik die er even uitlicht.

  • HTML5, the new web standard that allows to make interactive web pages, is going to revolutionize the media and advertising industries.
  • HTML5 is going to change everything. “In HTML5, an ad is an app, a tweet is an app, everything is an app.” “It’s a blank sheet of paper, and creativity rules again.”
  • For example, “my band is putting out a full HTML5 site. You can watch all of our shows on an iPhone, live.” It’s very cheap and it changes the game because they don’t have to pay anyone anything.
  • In HTML5, you don’t need to have display ads: Amazon can have a section of its store as an ad. So if you’re reading a book review, you can buy the book right from the page.
  • Because HTML5 can make sites rich and interactive, engagement on a site can go from seconds to minutes.
  • So a site could say: we have 5 sponsors today, which one would you like, and the sponsor follows you around throughout your experience on the site. “The fact that you can create and satisfy demand in the same place is only true in infomercials today, but it will be true on the web.” This, in turn, is highly disruptive to TV advertising.

En nog een paar interessante in het kader van sociale media.

  • Social is ‘done’, it’s now a feature, don’t go do a social startup.
  • Don’t try to be “social”: the big social platforms are created. You can’t create a social company, it’s just a checkbox. “The last 500 social companies funded by the VC community are all worthless. I’m serious.

Update: hier meer over de visie van Roger McNamee: Social is a Feature.

Via Floris.

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