Waarom PR-bureaus online wel slagen

De stelling dat PR-bureaus de online slag missen gaat weleens over tafel. Ze snappen blogs niet en zijn niet in staat mee te doen met dialogen in communities.

In dit kader is een artikel van Speed Communications interessant. Dat heeft zeven argumenten tegen deze stelling.

Argument #1: PR has always been about relationships and the fact that we now work with digital media doesn’t really change the very nature of PR.

Argument #2: PR naturally understands the value of brand utility, networks, conversation and relationship better than SEO agencies and planners do.

Argument #3: Yes, digital is just another media channel but we can’t treat it in isolation. Digital is an integral part of integrated strategic comms.

Argument #4: Modern PR is not about controlling messages, it’s about shaping, influencing, and sharing messages.

Argument #5: The whole “media relations” approach doesn’t apply to online PR – Online PR can play an important role to play within strategic comms.

Argument #6: Nobody has a monopoly on tactical excellence. There’s no ’race’ to lead other than a race to learn more within the space and educate everyone else in the industry.

Argument #7: Online PR is less about the channel itself and more about how to use the channel in a way that suits our clients

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