De top 10 van innovatiegoeroe Guy Kawasaki

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Innovatiegoeroe Guy Kawasaki gaf een keynote over innovatie. Hier is zijn top 10 lijstje.

# Make meaning. He sees many start-ups trying to make money instead of trying to making something that’s meaningful,
# Make mantra. 2 or 3 words that speak what you deliver.
# Jump to the next curve. Great innovation is not about incremental steps. Most people stay on the same curve.
# Roll the dice. 5 things to include. Great products are Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegant & Emotive.
# Don’t worry, be crappy. If you wait for perfection
# Don’t be afraid of polarizing people. If you appeal to everyone, you probably create a mediocre product.
# Let a hundred flowers blossom. If you innovate, the wrong people may buy your product in large quantities.
# Churn, baby, churn.
# Niche thyself.
# Follow the 10/20/30 rule. Optimal number of slides 10 which you should be able to present in 20 minutes and it should in a 30 point font. Rule of thumb? Divide the oldest person in the presentation by 2 and that’s your font size.

Hier een filmpje van een andere presentatie van zijn hand.

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